3. September 2021

The era of the Riva

Within two decades Carlo Riva managed to turn a small family business into a world-famous brand. Noble and stylish runabouts, fast open motorboats with elegant lines, […]
6. August 2021

A shipwreck full of luxury

On the autonomous island of Åland, in the middle of the baltic region between Sweden and the Finnish mainland, champagne corks pop every two years. the […]
14. July 2021

Slow boats around the world

When the »Sunday Times Golden Globe Race« started in 1968 Susie Goodall, 28, was not even born, not by a long way. Despite this, the young […]
2. July 2021

The classic among the sailing models

These models were inspired by the Metre Class Yachts. Or the other way around. The boats of the international ≫A Class≪ are considered the classics among […]
18. June 2021

Sailing on Joshua

My teenage years were spent reading about pioneering sailors like Joshua Slocum, Bernard Moitessier and Robin Knox-Johnston. It was their hair-raising stories of huge seas, dramatic […]
4. June 2021

Kennedy – The Sailing President

To understand JFK, his aims, and the magic that radiated from hin, one must also know about the passion of the Kennedy family for sailing and […]
21. May 2021

Boats, Books and Buttons

The world’s largest library of yachting books is one of the main attractions of the new Robbe & Berking Yachting Heritage centre in Flensburg. The collection […]
11. May 2021

Of princes and dragons

The career of Johan August Anker as a yacht designer sounds almost magical, Especially as princes and dragons play a part in his story… Once there […]
6. October 2020


legendary 12-metre yacht has had a long journey so far, from Australia via the United States and Italy to Flensburg. In 1962 she was the boat of the Australian challenger, Sir Frank Packer, but she was sailed by Jock Sturrock and was the faster boat. Despite this, the American yacht, Weatherly, with Bus Moosbacher at the helm, won in the end. One race was actually won by Gretel and the others were exceptionally tight. This was the first challenge that could actually have been successful. Gretel is named after the wife of Frank Packer, who once again challenged with Gretel II in 1970.