Nina Mösken

9. June 2021
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RIDE A BIKE – Reclaim the City

On more than 1700m2, the Robbe & Berking Museum will be an absolute must-go for all cyclists this summer from June 12th to September 22nd.
8. May 2021
Kunst Schaffen 2021

Kunst Schaffen 2021

To enable the production of art and cultural offerings even under Corona conditions, Flensburg's Robbe & Berking shipyard, dedicated the shipyard's own museum and its large glass shipyard hall to 80 selected artists.
30. October 2020


34 of the best artists of their kind from Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen and the entire North German region as well as from Hessen, Baden - Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz will present their spectacular works in the Robbe & Berking Shipyard Museum from 30 October to 23 December.
6. October 2020


legendary 12-metre yacht has had a long journey so far, from Australia via the United States and Italy to Flensburg. In 1962 she was the boat of the Australian challenger, Sir Frank Packer, but she was sailed by Jock Sturrock and was the faster boat. Despite this, the American yacht, Weatherly, with Bus Moosbacher at the helm, won in the end. One race was actually won by Gretel and the others were exceptionally tight. This was the first challenge that could actually have been successful. Gretel is named after the wife of Frank Packer, who once again challenged with Gretel II in 1970.
25. June 2017

18th. Silvertriennial International

A committee of experts selected 67 artists from 17 countries for this global competition. The 70 best works of silver art will be exhibited at the new Robbe & Berking Yachting Heritage Centre until October 1st.
21. June 2017
Margreet Boonstra

Painting sailors – Sailing painters

It will be a challenge with paintbrush and canvas for Nikolaus Störtenbecker, the initiator of the group, and his colleagues Andre Krigar, Margreet Boonstra, Frank Suplie, Tobias Duwe, Erhard Göttlicher, Frauke Gloyer, Meike Lipp and Corinna Weiner. No motif repeats itself at a regatta, everything is permanently in motion.
2. March 2017
Northern lights

Northern lights

Under the title, NORTHERN LIGHTS, the Robbe & Berking Yachting Heritage Center presents in its second large exhibition on almost 900m2 the most spectacular photos by two photographers who, for many, are among the absolute stars among yacht photographers: Nico Krauss and Ulf Sommerwerck.