Library regulations

General information

The task of the library is to collect, archive and index yachting-related literature and to make the available media available to the public.

Opening times

The library in the Robbe & Berking Yachting Heritage Centre is accessible during the opening hours of the exhibition. There are no user fees and no entrance fee. The books are handed out by appointment.

Deviating regulations will be announced in current notices and on the internet.

Authorised users

All natural and legal persons who can guarantee compliance with these usage regulations are entitled to use the library. Children under 7 years of age are only allowed to enter if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

By entering the library or using its services, the user accepts the library regulations.


Before entering the library, outer clothing, umbrellas, briefcases, bags (including laptop bags), parcels, etc. must be removed.

You may take your own books into the reading rooms, but you must present them without being asked when entering or leaving the rooms.

Users are expected to refrain from any disruptive behaviour in the library rooms, not to obstruct the use of the library and to treat the library materials and all furnishings with care. You are obliged to comply with the provisions of these library regulations and the instructions of the library staff.

The user is liable for any damage to or loss of library materials that occurs during use. In the event of damage or loss, the user shall pay compensation or value replacement within a reasonable period of time.

The reading area must be as quiet as possible in the interest of all. The use of mobile phones is therefore not permitted. Food and drinks are not allowed to be taken in. Smoking is also not permitted.

Animals are not allowed in the library.

Right of control

In order to safeguard the books, the library staff are entitled to check the official ID of each user as well as the contents of the documents and handbags etc. brought into the library, the taking of which is permitted.

The library staff is entitled to give instructions to the user. Instructions must be followed. Persons who disrupt library operations despite warnings or do not follow the instructions of library staff may be expelled from the library premises.

Limited liability

The library / Yachting Heritage Centre shall not be liable for any damage caused by incorrect, incomplete or delayed services, nor for any damage to items brought to the event.


An entry in the user book is required for admission to use.


The library information desk provides information verbally, in writing and by telephone. Estimating the value of books and the like is not one of the library's tasks.


The book collection is freely accessible.

For the entire collection (incl. rare books), visitors can use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) to search for books and journals electronically.


Reproductions can be made to order as scans. The reproductions are made exclusively from the library's holdings.

Reproductions of entire books can only be made within the scope of copyright.

The user is solely responsible for compliance with copyright, personal rights and other rights.

Interlibrary loan

The library does not participate in interlibrary loan due to its status as a reference library.

Libri Rari

Manuscripts, old prints, rare books and historical maps are of particular value.

You can contribute to their preservation by treating the materials with the utmost care.

Therefore, we ask you to read and observe the following instructions.

  1. A separate loan slip must be filled out each time this collection is used.
  2. Use only a pencil or your laptop for your notes.
  3. If you leave the workplace for a longer period of time, return the objects to the book issue.
  4. Please report any existing damage or damage caused by you to the staff immediately.